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Tan saddle and Black stirrup leathers?

So i have a tan saddle that came with black stirrup leathers. Is this an odd combination? Does anybody else have/seen it? I might ask for a pair of matching tan stirrup leathers to replace the black ones for Christmas, but im not sure.

Here's a picture:

sorry for the poo quality! Thanks!

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    I have seen it around, and while I can't say it's the absolute greatest combination, it's not bad! The fact that your saddle is a darker tan makes it even less of an issue. For schooling, who cares? I'm sure most people will hardly even notice! If it's an issue to you, ask for the tan leathers for Christmas, but if not, I wouldn't bother, it's the functionality that really matters.

    And hey, I've seen much worse colours on a saddle.

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    It should't be too much of a deal. Your saddle is a darker color so the stirrup leathers are hardly noticeable. For riding around the barn the color shouldn't matter. However showing is a different situation. I don't know what type of riding you do, or if you compete, but if you do show, especially in the hunter ring, you should have matching stirrup leathers. It's really up to you though. If it doesn't bother you then it should be fine.

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    Where did you buy the saddle? If it was from a private seller than odds are they took the original leathers off (if there were any) and put different, black leathers on it.

    If from a company then maybe it was a mix up, or just a weird color combo.

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    It is an odd combination but it's not really bad; I suggest keeping it that way until you can either afford it yourself or plan on showing just because that is what's most convienant.

    I have a black saddle and brown girth. It looks somewhat odd, but works for when I don't show.

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