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Could this mean i'm pregnant?

I've had pregnancy scares before, so I'm not gonna let myself get too worried over this one or anything, but does this mean i might be pregnant?

-My breasts have been tender and they're definitely getting bigger. Doesn't ever happen when I'm on my period, but maybe I'm just gaining weight.

-My period is not irregular. it's always 28 days, but if I'm super stressed, it's up to 2 days late. However, it just came a full week early. the first day there was heavyish bleeding, second day it was pretty light, third day barely there. Usually the first 3 days are super heavy, then 2 light days. this time there were only 3 days total. And the blood looked more of a brownish color than red.

-During my "period" the cramping was much worse than usual, and even though that was last week, I've still been feeling kinda nauseus, but a bit higher up in my stomach.

-Emotional. but that could still be pms signs if they lasted longer for some weird reason

-We think the condom may have leaked..

BUT, because I still had my period maybe, and it was heavyish the first day, I still have doubts. Help?


It was a couple weeks ago, so it's probably too soon to take a pregnancy test... haha

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    Did you have sex recently? Did you do a pregency test? Could be just hormonial changes! If your still worried see your md or gyn. Good luck!!

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