How do friends show appreciation for each others services?

One of my friends, who is technologically impaired (does not know how to say burn CDs or edit photos) occasionally would ask me to utilize my technological talents to do him a favor. I agree to the favor as a friend should. I don't ask for anything in return usually since I do not know how I should be say financially compensated for my services. These favors do cost me some time but he is a close friend so I usually don't mind.

Lately he has been asking for similar favors that are too time consuming and I feel that he does not appreciate that favors I do. I told him that and he says "Well we do hang out" then I respond "but that is what friends do anyway, favors or not." His response "do you want money?" Then I said "well I do not know how to price the services I do." He then says "Well I do not know what you want then."

So my question is more on the lines of: Should I charge my friend money or should the favors I do for him be compensated via spending time together?

NOTE: He is usually busy with work and his girlfriend (both living together) so we typically hang out on average once a week (at most). I understand: he needs to work to pay bills, spend time with his girlfriend since she makes him happy, and have a life outside of our friendship. I just miss our bro-time. Not sure if that is being selfish on my part.


My friend's father has been sick but the doctors are not sure yet if it is deadly until they run more tests. So he is worrying about that a lot. So with that in mind, I think I am being selfish when I ask for appreciation from him. And yes...these favors that have been too time consuming for me started around the time he found out his father has this disease. Let me know what you guys think of all this. Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Usually, friends will do something occasionally, outside of a verbal show of thanks, even if it's just baking you cookies or something.

    If the favors cost you only time, and your friendship is valuable, I see no reason not to do it for him. If it costs materials too, you could ask for him to cover the cost of those.

    I would not ask for a return favor at the time of your favor, that would make it seem too much like a transaction, rather than a favor. But you might keep in mind things he might be able to do for you in the future, Even something simple like come with you to shop for your girlfriend, or run an errand for you during an especially busy week.

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