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Text formating problem, help please?

I paste text from one editor, such as notepad, to another, such as word or open office, and it's full of line breaks. Here is a screen-shot of what I mean:

Is there any way of fixing this, i.e. deleting the line breaks so it looks fine, without going through it manually and deleting one line break at a time? Thank you.

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    You can use the Replace feature to search for all instances of a line break and replace with a space.

    In Word, press Ctrl+H, then with the cursor in the top box, "Find what" click More>> then Special. Select Manual Line Break.

    In the "Replace with" box, just press the spacebar once. Then select Replace All.

    Are you sure they are line breaks and not paragraph marks? To replace is the same thing in principle -- the code to be entered to replace paragraph marks (i.e. where Enter has been pressed) is ^p whereas for the line break you'll see it's ^|

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    Unfortunately, I think that the only way to fix this IS to manually go through the document and re-space it. I've had this problem numerous times when writing papers for school and copying/pasting text from one editor to another, and every time I've searched for solutions, I've only been able to fix it manually.

    I hope you find a better answer!

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    It has to do with the text encoder there might be a way to fix it. If you have Microsoft Word you can say paste special.

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