could my body be faking pregnancy symptoms?

i have wanted a baby for as long as i can remember but i have been smart and i am waiting till after i graduate from college and my fiance agrees with me

anyways i am constantly nauseaded and feel like i am going to be sick, i have terrible mood swins and i have very weird cravings

i have not missed any periods and i have gone to the doctor about my stomach

could my body be displaying signs of pregnancy becuase of my disire to have kids??

sorry for the spelling

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  • 8 years ago
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    I am 18, I have some serious baby fever. Not only do I LOOK pregnant, but I have all the symptoms and I am NOT pregnant. (I'd be 7 months if I was so its not possible to have a false negative at this late. Haha) I want a baby so bad. I keep thinking about it. I dream about it alllllll the time, weird situations, but pretty much the same dream every night. But I know it'd be dumb to have a kid right now. So I'm really struggling with this. So yes, it is possible.

  • sitz
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    4 years ago

    I hate to be blunt yet sounds a lot like wishful thinking. do no longer rush this enable it come of course, nature will arrive while its ment to. Take it from somebody that's been there and now has a 4month previous son. I never experienced symtpons til i became previous 3months. The sore boobs does no longer ensue that speedy the weeing purely occurs while the babys previous 5months and is pressing on your bladder. I rather have great concepts a thank you to boost your opportunities of having pregnant! -Have intercourse in missionary place (guy on genuine) -After his complete interior you do no longer get up lay seated for an further 5mins to help the sperm attain its trip spot. -attempt orgasm close to while he finishes - consume healthy, do no longer drink espresso or tea or smoke or drink achol - take diet B & C universal to maintain ur amune gadget healthy - make your intercourse relaxing and packed with hobby the extra relaxing your the two having the extra your physique will open up and the extra sperm he will deliver by way of on your eggs stable success I wish u the wonderful!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, there is a such thing as False Pregnancy. You want a baby so much that your mind tricks your body into thinking you are pregnant when in fact you are not. Seeing a doctor about this condition will help.

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