Wrist injury, please help?

My wrist hurt badly and was swollen and red 2 months ago(it got hit by a volleyball-hard), , and now it hurts a lot. When I touch it, it hurts, and a little bone seems out of place, but I'm not sure. I can move it a little, but hurts a lot.

What should I do, and what could it be? I'm also 13, so I can't go buy something without my mom knowing unless I go to the mall with my friend. I also have a school musical Audition tomorrow, and a wrist injury isn't good. Finally, I'm almost done with physical therapy for my ankle(2 more sessions, yay!), so I hope I don't have Nother injury, but it hurts, and is a little swollen.


1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I would go to the doctor. If you don't wanna deal with another injury involving doctors, get a brace at a pharmacy or food market. Use RICE:(rest, ice, compress-can skip this one if needed, and elevate) and if it still doesn't get better being in a brace and icing/elevating, I would go To the doctor. Although I know what you mean by not wanting another injury...I injured my thumb at 13 and had to have some surgeries on it because I was stubborn about going to the doctor. I was just released this year at 16. Hopefully your okay!!

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