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Does this take away from a girls attraction...?

Its an embarrassing story last year (my freshmen year) i got in a fight with a guy and i won...the fight was cause we were joking around then he did something i didnt like and i got serious. Then at the end of freshmen year i got in a food fight with a boy and i snapped when he poored juice in my hair (i had just got it styled) and i won thag fight.

Anyway over the summer its said that ive matured in looks and it seems like guys outside of school notice but not boys in my school. Plus my school is small so are guys afraid to approach me? Im taking anger management :/ please no rude comments? Thanks

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    Yeah, some won't like you. The really shallow ones may think it is attractive, maybe.

    I was so un-popular in high school, it was pretty depressing, but I could fight. I got attacked by popular jerks who thought they were tough and I won all of those encounters through takedowns. I had a girlfriend from freshman year and we are still together in college. But, girls thought I was a horrible person, so yes, it does change opinions of people.

    Try not to get into fights....

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    I think most likely cause u whoop they a@# their probably spreading rumors you don't know about, and no offense 90% of guys will flirt with any woman with a vagina they're dogs.

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