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Do they want ME at the party , or my CAMERA?

So i got invited to this party, by people i semi- hang out with. They're all about fashion. They invited me along , but they always told me to bring my camera. Now for Saturday, i was invited by someone i dont speak too that often, and he told me about this party. So Question.. should i bring my camera to the party and USE them for networking? or should i just bring myself an leave my camera home?


Oh and my goal in life is to become a fashion photographer and these people are into fashion as well. So maybe networking with them might be worth it.

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    they want you and your camera because they know you are an aspiring fashion photographer and so they know you can take good photos. bring your camera too because you can use this chance to get to know them better and this can help you with your goals in life. more people you know, the better.

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    8 years ago

    Leave the camera at home and see how they react

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