What IQ tests do Prep 9 give? HELLLLLLPPPP!?

I'm applying for a program called Prep 9 [super advanced high school program]. They're gonna give me an IQ test and I want to know what TYPES of questions there will be. There's different types of IQ tests and I would like to know what types of questions they will give. PLEASE HELP! A woman told me it will be 'fun' but I'm not so sure. Anyone who took the test please tell me what type of questions there were! I really could use some help to pass it and be selected! Thanks!

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    You won’t find formal math or science questions on an IQ test. They are kind of fun - more like games and riddles. First, the entire test will be multiple choice.

    You’ll find a lot of spatial reasoning:

    pictures of 3-dimensional objects and you will need to determine what the object would look like if it was taken apart or unfolded to a flat piece, and vice-versa.

    There will also be a lot of questions where they want you to identify the object that doesn’t fit with: Like, Tree is to leaf, what: A: Car is to tire B: Cloud is to snowflake C: Man is to hair D Flower is to stem

    the others, or they will show you a group of objects that are similar, but with a slight change in each-you must figure out the progression of changes and identify which of the options would be the next progression.

    There will be story problems, like Ted is 3/4 the age of Francis’ and in 6 years will be 1/2 the age of Francis. Francis will be 10 next year, How old is Ted now. Or, Jim empty’s his bank of dimes and nickels to go to the store and purchase a comic book for $4.49. If 2/3rd of his coins are nickels, how many nickels and dimes will he be using to pay? If you have loose 50 brown socks, 50 loose red socs and 50 loose black socks in a drawer, the room is dark, and you cannot see; how many socks do you need to pull out in order to assure a matched set?

    And, the ever fun: All hipmicks are hobbleks and all lolldops are hobbleks, then which is true about hipmicks?:

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    those i've got taken have been certainly a attempt of intelligence. being waiting to perceive types in photos and are available up with the subsequent logical answer, be conscious institutions, perceive types interior of a set of numbers,math problems, etc...i'd choose to think of they're precise (I did o.k. each and every time i grew to become into examined) even nonetheless as Pope reported your innovations set on the time performs a brilliant component, being properly rested earlier taking the attempt made a distinction of 18 pts between my worse and terrific score.

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