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I've fallen for a guy who's dated a lot of gorgeous women?

and I can't help but be self conscious, especially about my body... Advice? I feel like he'll look at me and tell me I have a beautiful body but in his mind is remembering his past lovers...

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    If he only dates gorgeous women that means you're gorgeous in his eye's. That alone should make you confident. We men find confident women attractive and it's a turn off when women put themselves down are feel they aren't good enough or else he wouldn't be with you. Looks aren't the only important factor almost most pretty girls can be full of themselves and have a terrible personality. The one's that are pretty and have a good personality are a rare gem to be cherished. So my advice to you is have confidence and a good personality where he always want to be around you and find you attractive because you're probably hot. We don't compare our past lover unless they have I mean extremely similar characteristics, personality or we still have feeling for them.

  • 8 years ago

    He's dated beautiful women before.....and he's dating you....what does that say?....what are you worried about?

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