Do you think he likes me? why wouldnt he text me back?

I just got this guys number and I like him. Im not sure if he likes me. He will look at me multiple times throughout the class period. He seems to be a bit nervous around me where as he is very vocal when he talks to my friend. Whenever he looks at ne he does it really quick then turns around. We've only talked a few times but he sort of joined the conversation. Also I've noticed that he does listen to my conversations. So Im not sure does he like me? Im going to text him what should i say? I texted him hey its.... And he didnt respond! :-( my friend gave me his number I wanted to text him but also had a question about math so that's why I texted.

I know he saw the text because he texted my friend.

should I text him again asking

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  • Ozzie
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    8 years ago
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    I think he is shy. By taking quick glances at you in class is the give away.

    He's listening to your conversations to find out about you. Being shy means that he won't ask out right questions about you.

    Re the texting - does he have a pay as you go phone or an account? He may have run out of credit and hasn't received your message.

    Next time you see him arrange to meet after school and talk to each other. Relationships start with a conversation. Make the first move yourself.

    Good luck.

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