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Where can I buy clothing similar to what Amu Hinamori wears?

Hi !♥♥♥!

I'd like to know if there are any online stores wear I can buy clothing that are similar to what the character Amu Hinamori ( from the anime Shugo Chara! ) wears.

Here is a picture with a bunch of Amu's outfits :


**Please don't just tell me to look on ebay or google or something because, believe me, I've tried and it has not been working out for me. I'd like some SPECIFIC answers. Links would be really appreciated !♥

**Also, please don't recommend HOTTOPIC. Don't get me wrong, I used to love Hottopic, but the things they sell there are more "Goth", when Amu's style is more "Punk"-ish. Also, currently, most things there are black but, as you can see, Amu likes a variety of colours xD

Thanks in advance !♥

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    List of Amu Outfits

    Some of Amu's Outfits

    These are the known clothes that Amu wears in the series.

    It's a bit unfortunate that so many animes typically stick with a single outfit for each cast member. Animators are artistically inclined by trade and as such can churn out some great -- and at worst, "creative" -- fashion design. The crew at Satelight more than did their job with Shugo Chara, a series loaded with unique outfits. Hinamori Amu, the lead of Shugo Chara, has been fashioned by her own mother as what the series terms "goth punk". Either way, her clothes come off more as being influenced by -- and less of a direct example of -- said style.

    MY NOTE: Fifteen outfits are described in detail with illustrations. By studying these you can learn about the various items she wears. Then go to some of your favorite online shops and look for items similar to what you like. You should be able to assemble a good colletion of wearable pieces very much like what your anime character prefers.

    That should be fun! Best of luck to you!

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    yes. I have a few I think the childrens place has a skirt like her school one (uber kawaii <3) and what you would also look for would be red striped knee socks white hoodie with a red x jean capris and yes. They do. Amu's clothes are based off of real styles that are from fashion magazines in japan. Peach pit wrote that in their little boxes in the shugo chara manga. So if you want stuff like amu. You can find some stuff out around the mall in teen clothing stores. And you won't look stupid. I wore my amu knee socks (the black striped ones) and I got lots of non-sarcastic complimetns. So look around in some japanese teen fashion magazines. But it'll be expensive to buy the clothes. So I would go with buying them in america from stores at the mall. I will keep you posted if I find any clothes she wears. hope this helped ~#1 shugo chara fan in america

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