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Resetting my laptop without turning it on?

I have a Dell laptop and i dont know how to reset it. It got a virus on it, somas soon as i log on to whatever account, it pops up and wont let me do anything. Its very annoying!! I dont have a CD to reset it, and i cant get off the virus screen. So is there anyway i can reset it without turning it on? Like pushing a button or taking out the battery? I dont care if everything gets deleted. Please help me! :)

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    Hello Gejj,

    My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.

    If your restore partition is intact, you should be able to restore your computer's software back to factory settings without using the operating system disk.

    You can follow the instructions from

    Hope this helps.


    Dell-Kris K

    Dell Social Media and Communities

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    Make, Model????

    Some Dells have a recovery partition, and special key sequence to bring up the recovery utility (some are Ctrl-F11, others are different)

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