When do you pay your college tuition?

So im going to sign up for my college classes for Spring 2013 but the financial aid office hasnt told me if im getting any money from them. Its been like 6 weeks already since i turned in my paper work to the financial aid office and they told me it takes 4-6 weeks to get a response back from them. So if i sign up for classes tomorrow will i automatically have to pay for the classes or can i drop out later if i dont get any financial aid? Or if i just dont go to the class i wont have to pay for it? Please tell me how it works? thank you.

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  • Cassi
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    8 years ago
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    You might want to contact them; you might be missing paperwork they need. Payment requirements will be based on your school's policy. Mine for example requires us to pay within 5 days of registering; if we qualify for financial aid, the tuition costs and fees are automatically covered.

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