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Do you think Iran already have nuclear weapons?

If Israel allow to own nuclear weapons Iran should too

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    I agree with you're statement. The whole point of Iran getting nuclear weapons is not that it wants to cause WWIII. They just want to mean something in the international affairs. Think of how many time the U.S. has stepped all over Iran. 1953 Iranian coup d'état anyone? If anyone ever decided to depose our government and put in an unresponsive dictator in its place, I would be angry, to the point of military action. On the issue of nuclear weapons, this is clear discrimination between Iran and Israel. It is just natural that Iran wants nuclear weapons too. I mean, what is Israel planning with its nukes anyway? If Egypt, Iran, or any other Middle East country attacks, it will threaten/retaliate with nuclear weapons? Does that sound fair? I really think the U.S. needs to rethink their strategy with Iran. Pressuring them harder with sanctions, or even military intervention, is just going to make them more determined to acquire nuclear weapons, and maybe compel them to use them.

    Source(s): I'm an Egyptian American.'%...
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    No, sorry, Iran should not be allowed no matter what other countries have them. When the leaders of Iran join the 21st century and start acting like adults, then perhaps. But allowing them nuclear weapons means they can give one to some terrorist group who could actually use it ... to kill millions of people simply because those people don't believe in their god. Not good.

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    No, Iran should not be allowed to.

    Iran has openly threatened to use such weapons in aggression when they obtain them, not defense but in aggression. Israel has not.

    No country which currently does not have nuclear weapons should be allowed to develop them. Its a power that should not exist. Allowing Iran to have one will only inspire others in the area to obtain them. Saudi Arabia will feel the need to arm, Turkey will feel the need, Egypt will as well. We dont need that kind of growth.

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    I think it's remotely Possible... -But still pretty Unlikely. Iran is under VERY close Surveillance by many Countries of the World. So it would be pretty Difficult for Them to have "slipped Something By"- so many "watchful Eyes..." ;)

    Source(s): ( Iran's theme song- goes; "I always feel that- Somebody's WATCHING Me... -And I get no Privacy..." !)
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    And I hope they never get nuclear weapons

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    We shouldn't be too concerned about Iranians. The people of Pakistan are 100 times more crazier than Iranians and they have a few dozen of them.

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    Let Mossad worry about that,,,,when rogue countries get close they usually sort it.

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    They have caviar.

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