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Will GameStop take these games?

I have GTA 4, Far Cry 2, Resident Evil 5, RE outbreak file 1 and 2(ps2),battlefield 3 limited edition, mortal kombat(ps2), GTA trilogy(ps2) and a ps2 the small version. I don't want these will GameStop take them? Cash or store credit it doesn't matter.

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    I like WearWolfs answer. Hell yeah, they'll take them, but unless you're starving to death and you need a loaf of bread, dont trade those. You wont get much AT ALL, besides GTA and Mortal Kombat? Come on. Great games, you'll want to play them again. They're too old, bro.

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    You can trade in any if the items you listed for cash or for store credit, but they really rip you off. I wouldn't sell any of it because you will regret it in the future, but if you really need the money, sell it online. Whatever you do, don't trade anything to GameStop.

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    First of all i would go and ask them

    Second i would guess that games which are popular and atleast 3 years old still Can be traded

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    They will take them alright, but you wont get much, maybe like $40

    And they wont take ps2 games only new gen consoles.

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    they had certainly take all of those different than perhaps NHL 2K6. regrettably i do no longer think of it provides you with sufficient keep credit to pay for the completed value of call of accountability: Black-Ops, assuming this is $fifty 9.ninety 9.

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    most likely, fairly recent.

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