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List of things to make this car faster? Particular order?

I have an '85 Camaro IROC and I want to make it fast. I know it will require time and be expensive. I have two jobs (one of which is part time at AutoZone) and am only eighteen, so I guess you can say I have plenty of both. Or at least enough. Especially time.

How do I make this car fast? It's tune port injected, but judging by the state it's in, I'd say that's irrelevant now. Is there a particular order in the things I need to do for it to be fast?

What I mean is, you can't just throw a turbo charger in it right now, you gotta start little by little right? By the way, I'm not interested in having nitrous in it.

Where should I start, suspension, dual exhaust, replacing the transmission and motor? And when I get to the engine, which engine and transmission would better fit it? I was told that when replacing a motor it's best to replace a tranny that matches it as well. A friend told me of a "L98 5.7L 350" V8 engine."

I'm just asking for a list of things to change (in order if possible), later I will probably ask separate questions more specific to each modification. Thank you


Also, it is automatic, my mistake in not initially mentioning that.

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    Are you sure it's a 350 or is it really a 305? I don't remember them being offered in 3rd generation Camaros until '86 or so.

    Either way,the place to start is with basic maintenance. Make sure the suspension and steering systems are in good shape and the engine is in good tune before you do anything else. With that said, anything that might need to be replaced such as suspension bushings or ignition parts can be upgraded at this time with performance pieces. Then you can start upgrading things like the fuel system, camshaft, heads and exhaust. Anything you do before the car is in as good shape as possible will not help much and leave you disappointed.

    Those cars were not blindingly fast when new but they weren't exactly slugs either.

    Source(s): I don't know why people are telling you to find an older or newer car. You already have this one and 3rd generation Camaros are great cars.
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    Start looking for a fourth-gen Camaro donor car - preferably LS-equipped. If you look around enough, you can score one that's been rear-ended for a good price. You will then have a 300-plus horsepower starting point that will take mods far better than the older stuff, a matching transmission, ECM, wiring harness, and a bunch of other swappable bits. You will likely need to do some small mods to best fit the package in there, but its much better than trying to build the old FI engine to make power.

    Unless you're looking to make your power old school (and ultimately spending more in the process to get less total hp), it is ultimately better to save up and do the upgrade - and then have the ability to generate far more serious hp on the better engine.

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    I would ditch that car & buy an older Camaro. They are a little easier to upgrade the powertrain & the value will at least increase a little unlike those 80's Camaros will

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    Whatever Santa can afford...

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