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How do i make my dog from drinking to fast and throwing up?

My 2 year old Blue-Tic Hound, Daisy, will drink to fast every time she gets water and throws up her food. We've tried ice cubes to make her go around them but when she swallows the ice cube she'll throw THAT up. We've had her for about a year and she started doing it when we first got her, stopped, and she just recently stated it again. We're all done with cleaning it up, please help!

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    Put a small amount in his bowl at a time.

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    You know the bottles you put in rodent cages for rabbits/guinea pigs to drink from (they have a ball at the end of the drinking tube so water only comes out when the animal licks it)...try something like that, or a dog drinking attachment that fits onto an outside water spicket...the dog cannot get much out at one time, and thus it should help reduce or eliminate vomiting due to drinking too much too fast...

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    Try this It has a thing that floats in the bowl so that the dog can only have a little water at a time and can't gulp it down. It's more convenient than having to just give her a little bit and fill up the bowl over and over again.

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    there is a bowl that has bumbs in the middle that slow down eating and drinking.

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