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What contributions did African Americans make to the Civil War?

What were the opinions for and against arming African Americans? Why did these opinions change? Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation?

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    Lincoln became convinced using African Americans in the Union Army was a good thing. Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation as political effort to keep England from aiding the Confederates.

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    a lot of Blacks fought as unofficial squaddies interior the conflict to the two sides. It wasn't till the Union rather dressed a unit of Blacks that they've been first rate. and that they dressed a pair gadgets. although those blacks made little to no distinction to the conflict attempt. i can purely provide you one. 15 pages... to procure your self skrewed, no offense.. Did you % the subject rely? The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer unit became all black, different than the white management (and human beings think of the North became anti-racist). And there have been circumstances, non that i can formally call, the place Slaves would take in hands and help their accomplice masters. Many blacks would have been slaves, however the South became nonetheless there abode. And the North became invading. Any contributions would have come specifically as a paintings tension. jointly as the whites have been out combating.

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    50,000 blacks fought and died for the South.

    also blacks also fought and died for the North. i think around 100,000 fought for the North and around 75,000 died.

    Source(s): book: Everything about the North and South.
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