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I was outside and the air smelled like mint. As soon as we stepped in our car, my stomach began hurting really bad. It felt like I got hit in the stomach with a baseball bat, and having food poisoning at the same time. Then, my lungs started hurting. Right now, I have the same symptoms and need your help. Can you tell me how to stop this and what is happening?

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    Yeah i have been through loads of food poisoning episodes and i know the horrible feeling. Do you feel sick? Do you pass gas more often and does it smell funny i.e. rotten egg? Also, do you burp and smell like rotten egg? If you do then yeah it is probably food poisoning. You said you had really bad stomach pains but do you also go toilet more often as well? This your body trying to get rid of the stuff messing inside your body. I'M NOT SUGGESTING IT but to make the process quicker, i make myself sick to get rid of the contaminated food quicker and after doing that i feel MUCH better after doing it and repeat the process until i feel well again. Also, drink lots of fluids to keep the water levels constant and rest more.

    Hope i help and get well soon!

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    It appears like a duodenal ulcer that is relieved whilst you ingest meals. The belly will produce hydrochloric acid which aggravates the liner of the belly whilst it's empty. Have you attempted over-the-counter anti-acids? Try OTC "Pepcid" or "Zantac" and spot if that relieves the anguish. If now not, it might be a bleeding ulcer, which might be making you dizzy when you consider that of blood loss and might motive you to be anemic. Your nice and most secure wager is to peer a clinical healthcare professional, health care provider's assistant or a registered nurse practitioner. The therapy is particularly practical however can emerge as existence threatening if you happen to placed it off, chiefly if this can be a bleeding ulcer.

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    smaller government = little or no inspection of our food supply = more cases of food poisoning .

    the more you vomit and diarrhea the greater your electrolytes get out of balance , which can lead to a heart fibrillation , which can lead to death . you may need to go to ER .

    smelling something that is not there can indicate a mini stroke .

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    Go to an emergency room right now.

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