Ralph Waldo Emerson's philosophy?

Can someone explain what Ralph Waldo Emerson's philosophy was and how he was a transcendentalist? Its kinda hard for me to understand, thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    He probably like to get away and smoke pot. Seemed to dance to the rhythm of another type of drum totally. Seemed to like to avoid the materialism that was dominant at the time and just be at peace within. And for some reason did not like to pay taxes. Sounds like a pothead to me.

  • 4 years ago

    He became the writer of the Transcendalist philosophy meaning he got here to have faith than guy can commonly" go beyond", or upward thrust above his undesirable situations, via useful strikes and concepts. So Emerson could little doubt be concentrated on our maximum pressing issues, finding useful the right thank you to repair them. He could hate poverty and injustice and he could concern our loss of use of replace gas sources which will quickly kill usa if we don't discover some thing as properly oil to ability our homes and automobiles. the subsequent time we go through a organic disaster like a severe typhoon, Al Qaeda is poised to interrupt the oil refineries in Saudi Arabia. If we've not have been given any replace gas sources, we are toast. Emerson could little doubt address this project first by way of fact this is a appropriate priority. He could ask us to grow to be lively to create new automobiles and dwelling house construction plans that make our dependence upon oil a element of the previous. this is performed! initiate via investment wind ability once you pay your electric powered bill. I do. Then the best thank you to apply image voltaic panels, ethanol, and sugar cane as potential sources. you're referred to as "help me". you additionally must help!

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