Looking for a good romance / harem / comedy / ecchi anime?

To make this as simple as possible, please tell me which conditions the anime satisfies. There are some things the anime MUST have, others are optional but I would love it if they had it inside.

Example of response that I would love to recieve: Highschool DxD-1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,16

1) Love/Romance

2) Comedy (Most romance anime has comedy anyway) (Please say what type of comedy it is between calm/relaxed like rosario+vampire or stupid comedy like Seto No Hanayome; I like both but I may not feel like watching a stupid comedy at the time so knowing beforehand is good)

3) Harem (Optional but really looking for a harem)

4) Ecchi (Optional as getting an anime with all of these is kinda hard but I would love if it was ecchi)

Really looking for an anime that meets those standards that also have any of these themes, please let me know which does (These are all optional as well):

5) Good girl falls for bad guy

6) Guy teases girl (Something like Kaichou wa maid sama)

7) School life (Doesn't have to be centered around it, at least a few episodes including it)

8) Magic/Spells/Demons/Monsters/etc (Just a few words saying which it has would be nice if it does)

9) Girl doesn't look like a toddler (I almost didn't watch Shakugan no Shana because of this and I would've regretted it but if it's a really good anime then feel free to say it. If it's a harem and there are girls that don't look like toddlers, you can consider it to follow this rule)

10) Strong girl (like shakugan no shana, Rosario+Vampire, freezing)

11) Strong guy (like Campione!, yu-yu hakusho)

12) Both girl and guy are clueless about other's feelings (Shakugan no shana, zero no tsukaima)

13) Girl(s) come onto guy (like in most harems when the guy is unable to choose)

14) Guy comes onto girl (like in Kaichou wa maid sama)

Almost forgot 2 things that are important:

15) Has to be made decently, I'm not that picky about quality but I have seen some really freakily drawn anime...

16) I don't mind that the girls are aliens or anything but keep them normal looking, Shuffle!'s elf-eared girls were kinda weird and I could manage that but I would prefer if it didn't)

Thank you for reading all of that, I haven't read it over but I felt insanely picky just from typing it. I'm actually not that picky, I only dropped 2 animes*. Even if it barely satisfies anything but you feel it's really worth watching, feel free to mention it regardless.

*(Chobbits because the guy falling in love with a robot seemed kinda freaky and Love-Hina because it seemed boring from the 1st episode but I may go back to it)


Yeah I understand there won't be any that meet everything. I'm looking for something that meets most of it. I recently been in the mood for one that has 5 and 6 because I recently saw a movie called "Don" on netflix that had a similar theme and it was great.

Update 2:

Whisper, I'm looking at it and I can't wait to watch it. Thank you for doing as I asked and I would give you best answer right now but I want to see what everyone else has to offer.

Update 3:

Finished Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and loved it, anybody else have suggestions? A list would be good

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  • 8 years ago
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    I've got one that meets A LOT of those but not all of them (I'm not sure if an anime even exists that meets all of them)

    It's called Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun. It's got:

    1) Love/Romance

    2) Comedy

    3) Kind of a Harem? I'm not sure

    4) It's got a LITTLE bit of ecchi but not much.

    5) Good girl falls for bad guy

    6) Guy teases girl

    7) School life

    9) Girl doesn't look like a toddler

    11) Strong guy

    12) Both guy and girl are PARTIALLY clueless-- it's kinda complicated lol

    13) Girl(s) come onto guy KIND OF

    14) Guy comes onto girl KIND OF

    15) Made decently

    16) Girl looks normal

    So basically, it doesn't have magic or anything of the sort, and it doesn't have a strong girl. It's a really great anime, I love it so much.

    Here's the website if you want to try it out: http://www.animehere.com/anime/tonari-no-kaibutsuk...


    Source(s): my friend showed it to me :D
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    5 years ago

    Ok so am not going to list down what conditons are satisfied but at the very least the anime am listing down include the compulsory ones: Sekirei Hagure yuusha no estetica Asu no Yoichi Isekai no seikishi monogatari Infinite Stratos The world god only knows - little to no ecchi Mayo chiki Princess lover - skip the ova Ichiban ushiro no daimao Hidan no Aria Hyakka ryoran samurai girls - its recent but its art style is a bit unusual Sakurasou no pet na kanojo - not a harem History's strongest disciple kenichi - not a harem but has everything else with some pretty good action Toradora - no ecchi Some others i would like to recommend that i think you might wanna give a try and might find interesting: Sword art online Guilty Crown Ookami san to shichinin no nakamatachi

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