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How do i ask this girl out?

ok, well she goes to my church and shes in my youth group. im 15 and shes 13 . i really really like her but all of my friends and just EVERYBODY at my church thinks that i like her. i deny it because my friends think that 2 years difference makes me a child molester. that is the reason that i denied it and havent asked her out yet.

i think she likes me, she just doesnt wanna admit it either. im not sure though. everybody says that she likes me but she just always denies it, and says eww, like lots of teenagers do. im not 100% sure, but i can just tell, that she sees something in me.

another thong that is wrong with this situation, is that 1. i already told you that all my friends would make fun of me, 2. her mom is my moms friend and doesnt think that i would be a good boyfriend for any girl. she just thinks that because my mom is always gossiping to her mom about how i break up with my ex girlfriends and stuff but that stopped ever since last year when i started to like this girl. 3. my youth leader and just everyone else that i know would just treat us differently and i dont want that. and just because i have a youth leader and whatever doesnt mean that im a little kid and all, so please dont answer with all these things saying that im too you g, and i shouldnt be worried about all this relationship stuff, please.

its kinda hard to explain the WHOLE situation, im already her friend and all, and ive been to some parties at her house, and i actually live in her old house, cause her mom sold it to us. i just wanna know if i should wait until im sure she really likes me, or just wing it right now and see what my friends say about it, or should i ask her in private, like where no one knows that we have even talked ( and this would be my number one choice but im afraid it would creep her out and stuff ). i just wanna know how i should ask her. i dont even know if i should, maybe were not meant to be but that would just break my heart... thanks to all who answer

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    Hey man, I totally understand where you are coming from. My recommendation, ask her out before she is taken! Many girls get very giggly and deny they like or love someone, that just shows that they really do like that guy. You will probably be nervous when bringing up the conversation of asking her out...just try not to be. Remember, even if she says 'no', there are plenty more fish in the see, if you know what I mean.

    When you ask her out, don't do it in private, that will creep her out! Also, don't get depressed if she says 'no' at first...and definitely don't worry about what anyone else thinks when it comes to asking her out or you two being together. Whatever you do, DO NOT say "I love you". That is something you say when you have been with someone for a LONG TIME.

    You two are friends, which should make it easier to 'upgrade' to boyfriend/girlfriend/dating status...especially considering you both must know each other pretty well by now.

    Good luck :)

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