Suggest some BL mangas that fit these conditions? Thanks.?

Before I begin, I've read all of JUNKO's works (or almost all) so don't suggest them.

Secondly, you MAY suggest authors if you like, if the author writes really good mangas.

1.) No popular BL mangas. If it's popular, I probably know them.

2.) Can be Shounen Ai or Yaoi. I don't mind.

3.) Good art. Not too girly, not too muscle ly

4.) Good plot and story. No oneshots.

5.) Can be bondage/r@pe/dark/happy/studentxteacher/ etc... As LONG as the story is good.

IF you have time, it would help if you gave me links.

You don't have to include description, just tell me the content like:

eg - Seven Days - shounen ai, school life, good art.


Under Grand Hotel - Yaoi, Prison, r@pe etc....

Thanks! Remember, I read a lot, so if it's popular, please don't suggest it! I'm going to throw a table if someone suggests Junjou Romantica, or Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, or Hana no Mizu Shiro, or Lover's Doll etc....

And don't suggest... Boku no Pico...

And I want MANGA not ANIME

If you suggest Loveless or Gravitation I'm going to be REALLY MAD because it shows that you didn't read the DESCRIPTION and I have NO idea how many times someone told me to read those... I didn't even like them....

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  • 8 years ago
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    I read a lot of yaoi manga and honestly couldn't remember details about them all without reading them again, so I'll suggest some of my favorite mangakas!

    1. Suzuki Tsuta

    2. Yumeka Sumomo

    3. Yamamoto Kotetsuko

    4. Yoneda Kou

    5. Sakuraga Mei

    I hope I helped!

  • sitz
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    4 years ago

    - Love-Letter of flora - Miwaku No Ringo - Isso Mou, Kudokitai! - Oyaji Hiroimashita - Brother X Brother - From nightfall till first mild - Nee, Sensei ?! - Dekiru Otoko no Sodatekata - Saa Koi ni Ochitamae

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