Can I Legally Drive With My 19 Year Old Boyfriend?

So, I'm 19 and I only have my permit, (I know I should have my license by now; however, I don't want to be one of those crazy unprepared drivers). My boyfriend is also 19, but he has his driver's license. Is it legal for me to drive with him in the vehicle?

*Keep in mind I live in Alabama. I've searched for this question but could not find a definite answer.

*Any answer is appreciated; however, please keep rude, unnecessary, and hurtful comments to yourself.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It sounds like you have a Y permit. If that's correct, then yes you can legally drive with your boyfriend as long as he's fully licensed. Below is what I found at the Alabama Dept. of Public Safety's website under Frequently Asked Questions.

    "Learner's license - Sixteen Year Olds - Any person 16 years of age or older who, except for his lack of Instruction In operating a motor vehicle, would otherwise be qualified to obtain a driver license, may obtain a Learner's License upon satisfactory completion of the required examination. The examination for this license is taken from Information in the Alabama Driver's Manual. After satisfactory completion of the required examination, the applicant will be issued a regular Alabama driver license with a "Y" restriction. The "Y" restriction indicates that the holder may only operate a motor vehicle with a licensed driver occupying the seat beside the driver. This license is valid for four years. Both Learner's Licenses may be suspended or revoked in the same manner and for the same cause as a driver license and may also be revoked for any violations of the terms and conditions on which it was issued."

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    firstly, congrats!

    As far as laws for Alabama, I truly do not know. As far as California, it was allowed so long as the 18 or older passenger was licensed as well.

    I recommend calling your DMV :)

    Here are some numbers

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    8 years ago

    As a driver... you are allowed to drive with one family member and one friend.. so you would be considered his friend (: have fun

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  • 8 years ago

    Sadly he has to be 21 for it not to be illegal.

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