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Some motivation to get healthier? And is this a healthy weight?

Im 15 years old, 155 lbs, 5'10 and a girl. I want to lose pounds around my hips because i have love handels!! I hate them so much and they are so unattractive. I play sports all year around and am very acctive. I think my biggest struggle is eating since i love food! Is there anything that you can say that'll make me motivated to get thinner and healthier, and to look good, so i stop myself from eating junk food and choose the healthier choise? I try but food always wins me over and i hate it. Also, do you think my weight is healthy for my height and age? I just want to be more confident in myself, and actually believe that i look good which is a big struggle of mine ://

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    You are what you achieve every day. If excellence is something your're striving for...then it's not an accident it's a habit. Life is not about where you start or where you end, it's the distance you travel in your life. Everyone is always like.."oh later in life I wanna do this, later in life I wanna do that." Later in life is turning around and looking in the mirror RIGHT NOW, that's the later in life, and unless that turn around is something in progression...then later in life aint gonna be anything different. You never know the limits of your possibilities until you charter the waters of the impossible. Everybody wants things, but they don't want to put the work and effort into they're just a f*ckn wannabe. Stop being a can become can stop hoping and start DEMANDING IT. You think the people that work out and are at the gym every day want to be there? No, they'd much rather be at home watching the game, but later down the road they don't always want to be watching the freaking game. One day they want to play the GAME. It's about working out and getting done what you have to do to better yourself, this insures that you won't be a SPECTATOR for the rest of your life. Winners, the difference between them and the that winners have a belief, that overrides the crowds disbelief. BELIEVE in the journey you are about to embark on, mentally you MUST believe it before you physically start it, otherwise it will NEVER reach much betterment. Stop trying to learn from everybody else, believe in yourself adds enough of a reason to transform into something great! You gotta say..this comfort zone im in is a f*ckn danger zone, it's stopping you from your TRUE potential. You're always a lot more than you know, you've got more inside of you to give, stop selling yourself so short. You've gotta rewrite your own history in life man, stop listening to everyone says is the way it is. Failure is part of the recipe for success. You fail a 1,000 times before you succeed,every single person has. It's the losers who fail once and QUIT. DON'T BE THAT PERSON! The loser and the winner both fail, its just that the winner gets back up and does it again. There are no shortcuts in getting the things you want in life. Remember, no success. And when you get the success, what comes with that is many that love you, BUT the majority will hate you for it. Because your success is a spotlight shining down on their missed opportunities where they came up short, where they did not quite have it inside....where failure is what stood. You're either going to show up today or you're going to get shown up in life. So if you want to make real progress then you really have to look at your life in a different way, you have to say...I gotta take control of this process and not just hope that it's going to work out like people do when they make a resolution on New Year's day. The two most important days in your life, are the day you were born and the day you realize why you were born. Value your passion, allow it to lead you to your purpose. You have to want to change, you have to want to experience new things, you have to want to this for yourself. You see, passion engages people, passion moves people, it is passion that creates change. As long as you have passion you can do anything you put your mind to. Remember, LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

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    You'll feel better in all senses, you'll breathe and sleep easier too.

    Being healthy is a choice, and a very positive one in my opinion.

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