Cultures/Groups: Why do people care about how many chickens are being cooked and eaten?

I sound horrible, but there are about 24 billion chickens in the world...


thegreatone: Chickens have been eaten for many a year, and yet they are still substantially abundant. So I suppose the number of chickens in the world does matter. We have eaten eggs for a long time as well. There are many chickens, I don't think it really matters whether or not we eat them.

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    For a lot of people - aside from (as Dejele said) diehard animal lovers - it's not even so much about killing the chickens, it's about the cruel way it's done and the horrible conditions their subjected to; look up factory farms. It'll seriously make you want to go vegan. Not to mention the fact that the food that comes out of those places is *super* unhealthy.

    Source(s): Eat meat but am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian, or perhaps pescetarian (since salmon is a staple, for me).
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    Okay well this is from a vegan standpoint...

    There are billions of people, so who cares how many get killed? You could say that about anything but when you look at thehorrible conditions these chickens are kept in, the way they are treated, the effects it has on your health, the effects it has on the environment, and the idea that humans are able to decipher between right and wrong without the adherence of instinct, you can see why the idea of eating and killing millions of chickens every year is absolutely retarded.

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    Because the chickens are being killed.

    The amount of chickens on the planet has nothing to do with whether we should cook them.

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    I'm not sure I get this but are talking about PETA? Some people are just diehard animal lovers...I eat meat but if I had to kill something to eat, I'd be a straight up vegetarian...I can't even eat fish the same day I clean it.

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    really!! chicken all around bartender

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