trying to gauge 2 to 0 ...HELP please!?

I have 2s right now and i had a little trouble with them (my left ear tore, but i healed it) i have had them in for a month and i thought i was time to go to 0s. I tried left ear first (because thats my least stretchy) and it would not budge, it even started bleeding a bit so i stopped, cleaned it up and put my 2s back in. did anyone have a hard time with 0s (because they look a lot bigger than 2s)? and WHAT CAN I DO TO MOVE UP IN SIZE??? HELP PLEASE


any thoughts on the best oil or salve to use?? if any at all..

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    A month is a bit soon, but even if you had waited several months, a 2g to a 0g is a stretch that many have difficulty with. Alot will say 'just wait longer', but even though it'd be a good idea to give it a few more weeks, the reason is more because of the 2mm size difference. Up until now, there's only been between a half to a mm between sizes, & either way, 2mm at one time is alot to go up. So there's 2 things you can do: You could buy 1g jewelry. That's what I did back when I was going to a 0g, & I got mine at a piercing shop. But I wish I'd have known about a site called, because I paid way too much money for a pair of 1g plugs, & has a set of steel 1g plugs for $10, & a 1g taper & plugs set for $15. So that's an idea. Or, you could try the taping method,where you wrap layers of tape around your plugs to slowly increase the size. That's actually what I"m doing right now-I'm going from a 9/16" to 5/8", so I too am dealing with a 2mm difference in size. If you go the taping route, I'd highly recommend using bondage tape over ptfe/teflon tape. Ptfe tape doesn't slide in or out very easily,& for me anyway created friction & irritated me big time ( and that was with only 1 wrap).Plus it's so thin it scrunches up really easily.Bondage tape is super slippery,& slides in & out easily,& won't scrunch up. You can get it at most adult or fetish stores,or you can order it online.And you don't have to buy every single size plug,so it can save you money. So it's up to you, but either of these two options should work for you. Good Luck!

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    There is a 2mm jump from 2g to 0g(even 4g to 2g). So MANY people recommend NOT to use tapers. You should do the taping method, but actually research, figure out what tape is best and why.

    Also, you should ALWAYS wait longer than a month, regardless of what size you're at and what size you're going to, ALWAYS wait, even when you're using the taping method. The first couple of stretches (18g, 16g, 14g, etc.) it's recommended you wait 2 months or longer, to give enough time to heal, although the jump in-between sizes is less than 1mm. The bigger the jump and size, the longer you should wait, the longer you wait the better, I waited 4 months going from 8g-6g.

    Also, it should NEVER hurt when stretching, if it does you're doing something wrong, probably not waiting long enough in between stretches. It should never bleed, either. When you tear your ear you treat it as if you just pierced your ear, you let it heal and baby it(oil massages, etc.) for 6 months(or more), to straighten, thicken and make it healthy.

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