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several questions about lasers?

I have many trivial questions about lasers...and first thing is I DON'T PLAN ON DOING THESE....I don't have the money and don't feel like putting up with the consequences....soooo-

1.Using a high powered hand held 1000-1500mW laser can you

-Destroy a flat screen tv/moniter

--Burn clothes off of someone

---Cut plants in half

----melt coral and other aquatic life

-----Melt flying insects

------Lighting something on fire with no evidence(Of course their would be video but i mean no DNA)

Once again I DO NOT plan on doing these...I'm very curious if a laser of the power could do that though.

2.What is the purposes of the Red,Blue,Yellow,Green, and violet lasers?

3.Is there anything cool that can be done with a 50mW green laser?

4.With a weak 5mW red laser?(this I plan on buying, and maybe a green one too)

5.Anything can be done with bubbles and lasers?

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    Not going to answer the illegal wattage questions.

    Red = projects a red dot and good for indoor presentations on projection screens.

    Green= allows you to see the full line projection of the laser and is good for astronomy. You will get years in prison and huge fine if you point it anywhere near an airplane in the sky.

    Blue, yellow, violet really have no specific useful value, they just have different colors because some people think they are cool.

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