aside from the french language,how different is the french foreign legion from the u.s. marines...?

training wise?

im a marine and would like to know how different it is from the u.s. marine training because I'm considering going it after contract is over...

weapons? how different?

aggression? pt?

all info on the french foreign legion when compared to the u.s. marines would help.

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    First difference is you need to be American to join the Marines, but the FFL only takes foreigners - except for officers, who are always French.

    The sergeants are sometimes German, and famous for their harshness.

    The sign on period is 5 years.

    They were created to do the kind of jobs so dirty that it was felt French citizens should not be asked to.

    Discipline is very strict - they still whip and sometimes shoot or hang people. Their military prison is hell on earth, and time spent there (if you survive it) does not count toward your service time.

    There are no women in the Legion.

    The food is a little different to USA, but I can assure you the FFL eat exceptionally well.

    They are the only army I know who have singing lessons. "Le Bedoin' is their marching song.

    There is a strong 'espirite de Corps', and you better not forget it.

    Every trainee must know by heart the "Legionnaire's Code of Honour". They spend many hours learning it, reciting it, and then getting the vocal synchronisation together..

    Orders are given in French, and not knowing the language is not an acceptable excuse.

    They march at a slow 88 steps per minute (brought about because they often serve in very hot countries, and need to preserve body fluid)

    Training - Basic training is conducted in the 4th Foreign Regiment with a duration of 15 weeks:

    Initial training of 4 weeks – initiation to military lifestyle; outdoor and field activities; learning Foreign Legion traditions, learning French language.

    March Képi Blanc - a 60-75 mile (100–120 km) march in full kit (From Perpignan on a return to the Basic Training camp at Castelnaudary), and graduation ceremony – 3 days to complete.

    Technical and practical training (alternating with barracks and field training) – 3 weeks.

    Mountain training (Chalet at Formiguière in the French Pyrenees) – 1 week.

    Technical and practical training (alternating barracks and field training) – 2 weeks.

    Examinations and obtaining of the elementary technical certificate (CTE) – 1 week.

    March ending basic training – 1 week.

    Light vehicle / trucks school – 1 week.

    Return to Aubagne before reporting to the assigned regiment – 1 week.

    You better believe the training is very harsh. Americans tend not to do so well.

    They are well armed.

    The FAMAS assault rifle, a French-made automatic bullpup-style rifle, chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO round. In bullpup-style firearms, the action and magazine insert is behind the trigger section. This layout shortens the length of the weapon, while retaining the barrel length.

    The SPECTRA is a ballistic helmet, designed by the French military, fitted with real-time positioning and information system, and with light amplifiers for night vision.

    The FÉLIN suit, an infantry combat system that combines ample pouches, reinforced body protections and a portable electronic platform.

    They have light artillery, mortars, and light tanks (and access to medium tanks) etc

    More -

    They do not have a special forces wing, since they are (effectively) special forces.

    If you join, the chance that you will see combat is 100%. And you better be prepared to do brutal and ugly things.

    The romantic image is only for movies.

    If you survive your 5 years, they will offer you French citizenship. There is also good support for ex legionnaires, re finding work etc.

    My brother stayed 10 years.

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    The French Foreign Legion website might help you, it's in both French and English:

    General website:


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