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if i leave my laptop plugged in for the majority of the time is that ok?

ok so i just got a laptop and im new to this whole laptop stuff after owning a desktop for the majoritly of my life. i was just wondering if i leave it plugged in most of the time, even when its on sleep mode, if its ok for the battery. i heard from some other sites that the batteries life is dependant on its temperature, and if it is heating up it is going to loose its 'life'. mine does not heat up at all after being plugged in for atleast 24hours (since i bought it). i just dont want my battery to, when i actually need to take my laptop somewhere, to die instantly. any help is much appreciated

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    Excessive heat is indeed the enemy of battery life (as it is of all modern electronics - you needed it in the old days of vacuum tubes to operate at all, but not any more). What also shortens laptop battery life is the number of discharge/recharge cycles. It is for this reason more than any other that if you are not going to use it battery-only for a while it's better to remove it (let it discharge naturally to about 60-40% then put it in a drawer). This is because, even when it's plugged into the charger and running off AC, it's constantly discharging a little, and then since it's plugged in, recharging again - cycles that don't benefit you at all but merely shorten battery life. However, environmental conditions also play a significant role (like leaving the laptop in a hot car, for example). For more than you ever wanted to know about the subject visit Battery University (about halfway down the page to "What the User Can Do") here:

    Source(s): 20 years PC experience Edit: Just wanted to point out, however, that if the battery is unmounted and you experience a sudden power outage you will lose the built-in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) aspect of battery usage...
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    It's bad for the battery and will destroy it's life and the charge it holds fairly quickly.

    Just a couple tips to help maintain the battery:

    Don't leave it plugged in constantly, just long enough to give it a full charge.

    Drain the battery as much as possible before charging and have the computer powered OFF when you do charge it.

    If you're going to leave it plugged in, take out the battery as suggested.

    When you battery goes bad, they're roughly $60-100 to replace.

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    properly basicly wen ur battery is finished u shud take out ur plug. that's because ur pc has a battery existence which matches on cells as ur body does. wen the battery is finished u shud go away the computer operating by the battery till is 0.5 down or finished. if u go away it on ur pc with the plug that's going to kill ur cells and ur battery will change into weaker and wen it becoms weaker for sure u are goiing to plug it in continually so that's going to thoroughly end ur battery and than u isn't waiting to apply ur pc outdoors with the battery lyf. and atleast once a month u shud can charge ur battery finished and than use it without the plug till is empty. it truly is for u see wen we use our laptops and our battery has 70% existence left we straight away plug it in, thats isn't sturdy we shud use our finished battery cells. desire u will be happy with this answer. i'm a unversity student and im studing pc technological information. tats y i gave this answer tc

  • Tony
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    it is better to remove your battery if you use your laptop as a desktop(plugged in all the time)

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    yes my laptop is plugged in from 12 am to 12 am unless one of us needs to take it down staris or the garage or something

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