Girl and I have some kinda connection... She's just done too many consistant things that make me think?

she's at least interested... She's treated me no different in the 3 months since we first saw each other. Normally girl i like loses interest or has a BF an strings me along but not this girl. I really want it to go somewhere. Went to support her at her first game of the season yesterday and she saw me their. At first she didn't notice me but then randomly she turns an says "hi thanks for coming today." She caught me off guard an Istudered around an finally just nodded. Then she was like "you doing good?" After an awkward pause i was like "um yeah; you're really good." 'Thank you." Now I have excuse to talk to her an make my next move but idk what to do? Going to every game would probably be weird plus I work. Something tells me if she had a BF he'd been their but i didn't see any guy come up. What do I do now??

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Flirt! You can't go wrong then just slowly get her to like you. Good Luck!

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