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Serious question. How will people 100 years from now look back upon the Presidency of George W Bush?

I know that this question has been asked before about whether,or not if Bush was a good President and how history will look back upon him,but from what I have seen almost every single one usually has a sarcastic poster,with an equally sarcastic and bias answer involved. Almost every single one usually ends,or begins with "Bush was the worst President ever because of Iraq" "9/11 was a conspiracy" "Hurricane Katrina" types of answers.

The U.S only invaded Iraq because of alleged WMDs that were being operated by Saddam and his refusal to allow UN weapons inspectors into the Country. Now granted,no WMDs were actually found due to poor intelligence. And had Saddam simply announced that he had no WMD's instead of trying to look tough in front of Iran then it's likely that this entire War could have been avoided.

The planning and execution for 9/11 had been going since 1996 during the Clinton Administration so it's likely that regardless of who won the Election in 2000 9/11 unfortunately,might have still occurred. Unless serious action had been taken to thwart the plot.

I want a serious look at Bush's accomplishments,as well as failures in:

Domestic Policy

Foreign Policy

Economic Policy

Educational Policy

Military Policy

Healthcare Policy

Science and Technological Policies.

Also,please don't bring any Party bias involved in your answer. Regardless,of whether,or not if you are a Republican,or Democrat.

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    I believe that George W. Bush will be seen as one of the worst Presidents in history for a number of reasons.

    As far as domestic policy goes, Bush used the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to push through a suspension of habeus corpus as well as laws allowing unwarranted wiretapping. This was used not against suspected terrorists but as an investigative tool against regular crime. This remains a serious attack on our personal rights.

    Bush also instituted the "no child left behind" program, underfunding education and encouraging false outcomes by institution a grades oriented funding model. By damaging the quality of public education Bush has set an entire generation of children at an economic disadvantage. By allowing creationism to be considered as science and presented as a real alternative to the Law of natural Selection Bush prepared a nation of superstitious morons.

    His foreign policy was laughable. He attacked the wrong country, for crying out loud! There were no WMDSs and the entire world knew it and were aghast when Bush attacked Iraq. It was the international equivalent of a good old Texas lynching. We couldn't catch the real criminals so we hung the nearest Arab as an example. By the time we left office Bush was regarded even by our allies as a joke.

    The relief the entire world felt at an end to his term was expressed when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize simply for not being George W. Bush.

    His economic policy left the nation in a depression as bad as the Hoover Depression of 1929. His first act as President was to suspend the criminal case against Microsoft, already confimed by a lower court verdict. He allowed every regulation that protected the national economy from market insiders to be waived and ignored, which led directly to the crash.

    He inherited a balanced budget. He left a trillion dollar debt.

    His military policy was laughable. He used the search for Osama bin Ladn as an excuse for two foreign wars against unconventional enemies, which he insisted on fighting with conventional tactics. He destabilized Iraq and left it open to jihadist rule. All the while his friend in Halliburton and Custer/Battles delivered substandard goods to the troops at record prices.

    Bush and his circle made a trillion dollars on graft. When this comes out his reputation will be destroyed forever.

    He had no healthcare policy. That is why Obama was able to win by offering healthcare reform. The Bush policy was that the system was fine the way it was.

    Finally, there was the refusal to allow stem cell research. Religious bias made him an idiot. Then there was the way he obstructed justice by misuse of the Presidential pardon for Scooter Libby.

    Usually every President leaves a legacy. Bush is one of the few exceptions to that rule. He seems to have left no achievement behind to serve as a legacy, simply massive debt and a divided nation.

    Previously the worst Presidents were James Buchanan, who allowed the Confederacy to secede and actually abetted his Southern Democratic allies in arming the secessionists by transferring army munitions to southern armouries, Warren Harding, whose government was so corrupt every service was for sale, and Richard Nixon, whose staff committed crimes by the dozen while he covered for them.

    I suspect Bush and Cheney were far more corrupt than Harding, and Nixon refused to abuse his power to pardon the way Bush did, but at this time I think we have to say that Buchanan remains the worst, with Bush hard on his heels.

    As a Phd in History I would like to point out that fifty years from now we will have better information, there will be more facts available and the parties will have written their memoirs, but from the evidence available George W. Bush is down there at the bottom with the worst.

    I admit I voted straight Democrat this year, but based on the above and the way Romney insisted he would do the same what choice was I given?

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    Actually 9/11 was being planned since the Kennedy administration, he wouldn't go along watch the lecture at 38 minutes on the source to see he wasn't liked by insiders. It depends what happens politically. If the people allow this geopolitical change to occur that both parties want. If people wake up and realize people like William Cooper, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Luke Radowski, Jessie Ventura etc... are correct tomorrow and stop this madness he will be remembered as a douchbag like Hitler but if they succeed he wll be remebered as a hero that was inept forever -

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    If you mean Bush the Second then they will think like the rest of the world does now, that the USA was insane to elect him into office, twice.

    Remember, when in office, he used someone who SOLD weapons to Saddam to help him in the war against him!

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    Bush and Obama have near identical policies with Obama having a more aggressive military footprint. However Bush will be forgotten just as James K. Polk and so many others who were widely hated and mocked. Obama will be remembered as the first president to win the Nobel and then bomb a nation.

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    In all seriousness. He'll probably be forgotten except for 9/11. Probably will be a John Tyler or Hayes

  • Anonymous
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    as talented and skilled as Chester A Arthur or Grover Cleveland.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The only war criminal ex president

  • 8 years ago

    I think he will be judged as a decent man doing a good job at a difficult time.

  • Anonymous
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    They will view him as the true small government president who kept us safe from Saddam Hussein while at the same time being able to balance the budget. FACT.

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    1st President to wage not one, but TWO wars without raising taxes

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