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What is my mental problem? Do I even have one?

Throughout adolescence, I have been prescribed with antidepressants, drugs for ADD/ADHD, and drugs for anxiousness. But what IS my problem. I have never been 'properly' diagnosed or 'labelled' with a proper mental disorder. I don't think I have A.D.D, neither did my Psychiatrist. But I do find it hard to concentrate, and my mind is all over the place most of the time. Teachers are always saying to me 'Don't look so worried', 'You're a constant worrier' or 'Don't look so down!'....

I don't worry about things too much though, and I've only ever been on a drug for that for a couple of months, years ago.

I have a lot of suicidal ideation, and I've cut myself (lightly) once. Again, years ago. But the thing is, I STILL HAVE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS?!! Because I'm just simply NOT STABLE, and I'm realllly confused most of the time. :(

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    Sounds like generalized anxiety disorder. It is constant worrying even when there is little to be worried about. Even when aware that their worries or fears are stronger than needed, a person with GAD still has difficulty controlling them.

    Other symptoms include:

    Difficulty concentrating



    Problems falling or staying asleep, and sleep that is often restless and unsatisfying

    Restlessness, and often becoming startled very easily

    Along with the worries and anxieties, a number of physical symptoms may also be present, including muscle tension (shakiness, headaches) and stomach problems, such as nausea or diarrhea.

    Your ADD medication can help with restlessness and that's probably why you are on it.

    If these treatments are nt working within a couple of months talk with your psychiatrist and get it straightened up and add some behavioral therapy.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm going to school to become a psychiatrist.
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    now im kind of in the same shoes as you, ive always suspected there is something wrong with me, well at least not being able to handle the world with the people in it, but i did take medication supposedly for depression, anxiety, adhd and all that but none of which helped, sometimes medication doesnt really help for deeper issues, apparently meds didnt work for me which makes me think i need to take charge of my life. i also have a motivation problem, im in college but failing a lot of classes, i told the counsellors and my parents that i just want to follow a career that doesnt necessary involve getting a general ed, just as long as im happy with the job and i dont really care that much of the salary, possibly a motorcycle technician. you might have to do the same, if your still in high school i would suggest finishing that at least and establishing a future slowly and at your own pace.

    Source(s): been seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist for over a year now
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    You might want to talk to your doctor about it. This is not a normal thing for most people. I really hope you start to feel better.

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