What type of blood is the dad?

I have a problems with a question for genetics. If the child has a type A blood and the mom B blood. What is the dad's blood type? AB or A?

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  • Roland
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    8 years ago
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    In fact, Dad could be AB or A.

    Obviously, the kid got his A from Dad, not from Mom.

    That just means that Dad has an A allele. But Dad could have a B as well, or not.

    BTW, AA and AO are not blood types; they are genotypes. Both are type A.

    AB is both a genotype and a type, AB.

  • Josh
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    8 years ago

    dad is AA or AO

    A and B have partial dominance. O is recessive.

    So if the kid is A, he could not have gotten it from mom because mom is B not AB.

    The kids A came from dad, but you can't tell if dad is AA or AO. You would answer A_

    Source(s): genetics major
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