Is the Libertarianism the future of right-wing policies?

Hello all. I live in Brazil, so I apologize for any possible clerical error.

Here, the libertarian ideas are still very weak but are beginning to swell. Many libertarians consider themselves and are called rightists.

With that growth is beginning to be friction between the conservative right (very religious and in favor of morals and decency) and the libertarian right (quite liberal compared ace Christian traditions).

On controversial issues like abortion, marriage between persons of the same sex and drug liberalization, the rightist conservatives tend to be against. However, the right-wing libertarians tend to be in favor.

What do you think will happen? It's possible to resolve these conflicts or radical changes will be needed?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There is no future for the Right Wing.

  • 8 years ago

    As a libertarian I think radical changes are needed. The right-wing will never hijack the Libertarian party, it would ruin what the LP stands for. Libertarianism is more than being on the right; it's a deeper political philosophy akin to classical liberalism more so than any left-right denomination. In my opinion, libertarianism is not solely political. Its ideologies stress the importance of freedom in all aspects of life. For more on libertarian philosophy I suggest reading "The God Component" by Dr. Rox Freeman. hope this helps!

  • sitz
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    4 years ago

    you comprehend little or no approximately politics. Why? Libertarianism won't be able to be defined as a "left" or "suitable" wing ideology. that's only a philosophy which holds that a central authority could be decentralized; and that political judgements could be made on the whole for the period of the affiliation of loose persons extremely than by publicly paid officers. for this reason, it rather has no longer something to do with capitalism; being a gadget wherein the advent of things or centers are performed for income.

  • Bobbay
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    8 years ago

    well i'm not sure about brazil specifically, but i think overall Libertarianism creates the most freedom for all and surely is growing. I find that when i speak with either hardcore leftists or conservatives most people agree with libertarian views on issues. and this is because libertarianism is the only rational idea. hopefully more people will open their eyes and see that they have more options than the left or the right, they can implement libertarian ideas.

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  • 8 years ago

    "Libertarianism", in the American sense of this word, preaches not only liberal policies regarding social morals (in that you right: abortion rights, same-sex marriage, etc) but a form of liberal capitalism, based on Adam Smith's and Ayn Rand's ideas.

    While I like the liberal policies regarding morals and costumes, I am not such a supporter of liberal capitalism, at least in its extreme positions. That means that society should *not* provide a safety net for the citizens that cannot "make" it, and they are left pretty much to fend for themselves.

    In practice, that means no social security, no guarantees for retirement plans, no public health system; the individual is responsible for providing for him/herself, perhaps with the aid of charities.

    While I think that fiscal discipline should be enforced, I also think that safety nets should be provided for those who need help for a while... we should not encourage laziness and dependence, but we should not leave those who were unfortunate enough to get caught by events out of their control on their own, whether these events were caused by birth, disease, etc.

    Brazilians are probably never go into that extreme - not the least because voting is compulsory in Brazil, and that indirectly means that policies will tend to lean a bit to the left; and also because Brazil's young democracy is not yet mature enough to purge populism. For example, how many people do you think would vote for a candidate who preaches the end of ' Bolsa Familia ', the social welfare system implemented by the last two administrations?

    In the US, it may be that such conservative movements may gain traction at local level (as they have already done in some districts), but I do not see them gaining traction at national level. From my point of view, the resurgence of the libertarian movement is mainly due as a counter-reaction to the excesses of the pre-crisis period (1990-2007), when excessive liquidity in the market led to irresponsible spending on the part of governments, financial institutions, borrowers,etc. and the real estate bubble that followed, but this counter-reaction may be short-lived. (Or perhaps I will be proved wrong).

  • Hopefully. I'm trying my hardest to make sure the G.O.P. dies a long and painful death if it doesn't wake up and start nominating more libertarian-minded people. By the way, good luck with Brazil! It's a great country, but like our country, the government sucks. :P

  • 8 years ago

    Libertarians can't decide whether to shlt or get off the pot, so they just do both at the same time and make a big mess.

  • 8 years ago

    No they are anarchists

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