Why are people like that with me?

Like whoever starts a conversation when my sisters and mom is around, whether or not they know me, they make eye contact while talking, to each of the people. For example, one friend talks, makes eye contact with both of my sisters, and never with me. Even if I join the conversation and the person who talks, knows that I was joining, they make no eye contact with ME. If I ask something, because I can't be quiet the entire time, when that person answers, she either makes the eye contact with my sisters or just turn somewhere else. Can you help? Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Several reasons come to mind regarding eye contact. Your sisters are ravishingly attractive and far more pleasant to stare at. - The subject you raise is less interesting thean you thought and disinterest is being expressed by a failure to eye ball with you. - The person you wish were in eye contact with you finds you a tad unconfortable to be around and communicates this by avoiding eye contact. - Your a terrible communicator and cannot capture the real attention of listeners. -When you converse your not all that convincing about your own interest in the subject and thus you leave everyone with sense of indiffrence.

    There you have several reasons why the eyes of others are not on yours.

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