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birth control and pregnancy?

I've skipped a couple pills this week, but i doubled up a couple days and I had unprotected sex a couple days there any possibility that I could get pregnant? Like by skipping and doubling up on pills does it make it more likely to become pregnant or am I just over thinking this and freaking myself out?

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  • 8 years ago

    if you forgot to take the pill never ever take a double dose!!! if you forgot to take the pill you still have several hours to take it(if you take it every day at 8 pm and forgot you have to take it next day at 8am not later) and i the case you completely forgot you´ll have to take other methods to avoid pregnancy( condom). If you are scared of what might have happened (whether you might have gotten pregnant) go to your doc

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, that is very dangerous to do. Skipping and trying to make it up DOESN"T WORK!!!!!!

    Hopefully youre not prego!!!

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