How to flirt with a girl?

I just cant seem to flirt with a girl that well. I know its a shame, i m a junior in highschool and i havnt even learned how to do this yet.

Basically, here are the problems: Im shy, I go to an all-male school atm (so i dont see girls often) and also, i hate to say it but, im kinda religious. Like i have a hard time treating females in a sexual manner until after they are my girlfriend, so like i look girls in the eye when i talk to them and i dont really make any moves, I dont curse that much. I know some girls think its cute. but, IM DONE WITH CUTE. girls think its cute but they wont go out with me. they just want to be my friend. My life = the friend zone.

so basically, what i am looking for, is "How do i flirt with a girl'

just like tips, ideas and stuff

good luck and thanks


P.s im popular, varsity track team, all ap classes, i make everyone laugh most of the time, i never get angry or act like douche (ignore my lack of humility in the last few lines lol) and im not ugly, so the reason they dont want to go out with me is a mystery to me

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  • Amanda
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    8 years ago
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    k well keep not swearing cuz me being a girl likes a guy better if they dont swear that offen but it funny if you do sometimes too :)

    just look into a girls eyes (a girl that you like) and smile and then like pretend that didnt happen and start going with ur conversation...

    and just laugh and find inside jokes with girls and things but try to flirt mainly with one particular girl because ya it should be obvious...

    you seem like a really nice guy :) i would totally date u!! :)))

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Lick/bite your lips when talking to a girl it draws attention to your lips.

    Try to keep chill take deep breaths before talking to a girl.

    Girls like a good smelling guy, use gum, mints, colognes, deodorants, etc..

    Check the girl out while talking to her. Basically roam Your eyes from her hair to her shoes.

    Also compliment on her eyes. Girls love it

  • 8 years ago

    Just be honest with her. Tell her how pretty, cute, etc, she is. And as a girl, I like guys that's honest, nice and hard-working rather than "cool", playboy and guys that swear a lot types. Yea like I said I like guys that are honest. Just be honest with her. If you like her then tell her.

  • 8 years ago

    Start with giving her compliments :)

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  • 8 years ago


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