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Ama asked in PetsDogs · 8 years ago

What activities can I do with my dog at home so she gets more exercise/mental stimulation?

She already gets two hour long walks/jogs daily and I also do short training sessions with her through out the day when I can.

Lately she has been anxious/stressed-because I started working another job, someone told me giving her more exercise will help with that but my own body is getting use to working two jobs and being on my feet the whole time when at, it's hard to find the energy now to take her on more/longer walks.

I was going to get a weight vest for her to wear when on the walks, but most people that I've talked to had advised me against it.

I use to play fetch with her for 30 mins to an hr but lately her paws kept getting wounds on them when we would play in my yard-i searched my yard but couldn't find what was hurting her paws :/

Someone suggested I get her into a dog day care type place a few days a week. There is one in my city that seems good-I'm going to contact them tomorrow but I'm not sure if they will take her because she isn't spayed (i was going to get her spayed after she turned two *in october* but she got sick n I havent had time since)

So...does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on what I can do to give her more exercise/mental stimulation before/between/after my jobs?

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    I play 'hide and seek' with the border collies that are injured on the farm who cannot herd or be outside for long, I get their favorite toy or treat and put it up to their noses and make them sit - stay and I hide it somewhere and tell them to go get it, i start simple and then get harder and harder - works well for my own dogs and is fun for me and the dog playing it.

    You could play indoor fetch and what breed is your dog? I actually have a Sunday herding class on the farm, you could search for farms around your area that would need a helper with some time of animal, so do hunters, you also could train him to do tricks, that's stimulating to any dog really, I got nothing else but those.

  • sitz
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    4 years ago

    i think of the words "do away with" and "won't be able to purely placed her out on the line" probable have been given lots of canines proprietors up of their chairs. you will no longer have meant it that way, yet they sound callous. you're suitable, even although, which you could't have a canines that does her organization indoors which comprise a new child that performs on the floor. even although, this continues to be a protracted way off. Your toddler isn't crawling approximately any time quickly, and my advice would be to no longer do away with the canines. i do no longer desire to bypass into the reasons why you canines would have began doing her organization indoors or the way you attempt to make her provide up, yet I see some complicated areas. have you ever seen getting right into a stable canines-behaviourist? perchance somebody who works alongside the lines of Victoria Stillwell or Turid Ruugas. The Etological Institute (with Roger Abrantes) in Denmark provides loose telephone advice and could be waiting to refer you to a stable animal behaviourist interior the united kingdom. i've got extra some hyperlinks under you will locate effectual. If each and every thing else fails, you will nonetheless have time to hitch for a 6-8 week waiting record on the RSPCA and end the canines there way before your toddler reaches the crawling degree. and of direction there is often the unusual probability that she will grant up the behaviour only as all of sudden as she began it as quickly as the toddler has arrived. each and every of the wonderful with the two canines and toddler.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Really the only things I can mention are food puzzles. Not much else can keep a dog entertained when their owner/s are working and unable to be with them.

    Ive seen some pretty nifty puzzles that really do get the dog to use their noggin.

    You'll have to sift through the uploaded videos and go down the list a bit until you hit the videos called 'Dog Activity'.

    Here are a few examples of the puzzles though.

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Naturally you dont have to always use treats and can just simply use bits of kibble. Sorry I wasnt much help!

  • 8 years ago

    Try a treat ball. Put dry kibbles in it. Some are big enough to fit the whole meal in. Then they have to work and roll the ball around. It works wonders on my dog. It mentally exhausts them

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  • 8 years ago

    i doubt they will accept her. you can take her on many short walks though out the day.

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