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I need a girls opinion?

I like this girl and I want her to get her to like me. Please help me

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    If you like her, you should start being friendly with her. If she's in the same class as you, sit next to her in class....or if you know her from a particular location, just be yourself and start a conversation with her. Being yourself and friendly with a girl is the best way to get her to like you for the real you. :) After striking a conversation, ask if she would like to hang out sometime (doesn't have to be on a date...just as a day to hang out) and get to know each other. Then things will probably progress from there... Hope this helps :)

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    Girls like men who are confident above all else. We can tell if a guy acts different around us/changes himself to be what he thinks we would like, so just be yourself.

    Also, very important, talk to her and really listen to what she's saying. Ask her for her opinions on things, ask her about things she likes, her family, her friends, and remember stuff she's told you. That's how she'll know you respect her and are interested in her.

    And being funny is good too!

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    Give her all your money and credit cards.

    Buy her diamonds, gold, and platinum fine jewelry.

    Rent her a romantic Tuscan Villa in Italy for the summer and let her get away. Better yet, give her money and send her to the Cayman Islands for 3 months. Don't be selfish by insisting you go along. Feed her cat and clean her apartment when she is gone.

    Buy her a sexy Italian sports car and lots of expensive high heel shoes.


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    Just keep talking to her!

    Smile at her!

    Look at her a lot and make eye contact!

    Listen to her!

    Text her!

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  • 8 years ago

    you need to woo her

    take her out and show her how amazing you are :)

    ..aha always gets them.

  • 8 years ago

    just told to her, be nice to her and respect her.

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