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What kind of knife would I need to cut chicken up easily & where would I buy one?

serious answers only. please comply.:)

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    All you'll really need is a good Chef's Knife. They average about 9 inches long and the handle is high to facilitate easy cutting without your hand getting in the way. I recommend a Wusthof Chef's Knife. You'll spend a bit of cash here, but worth every penny. You'll never buy another one.

    It will wind up being the knife you use most, it's the most versatile.

    Source(s): Food Pro. A boning knife will work here definitely, but not everyone can afford an extensive knife collection and it's something that the chef's knife can perform just as easily.
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    A Chinese Cook Knife also called a Vegetable Knife Can Do The Job. Just not the bones

    Where would be the nearest Restaurant Supply with walk in business like GFS Marketplace

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    You can just get a large really sharp chefs knife, target has a wide range. or a poultry shear, I find that this is a lot faster and easier than using a knife

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    Bravo for going from pre-cooked production facility nutrition fowl to authentic nutrition! look on the elements. do not purchase fowl with further broth (you're procuring that garbage - and ingesting it!) do not purchase fowl with chemical elements. Bleah. See in case you need to purchase sparkling fowl. I prefer to practice dinner fowl with the bone for some motives. It particular tastes extra constructive and it facilitates shop the beef from drying out. And it really is not any extra sturdy to practice dinner, in spite of the indisputable fact that i visit admit it really is extra sturdy to eat. A small cost to pay. fowl from large manufacturers is mostly secure yet you need to practice dinner it thoroughly because it receives extremely gross in those factories. in case you purchase community you likely gained't have those complications.

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    Saw some larger kitchen knives at the dollar store. Looked good. I was surprised. Worth a try, for a dollar.

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    the easiest knife to use in general is a chinese cleaver looks cumbersome and extremely dangerous but if you use it properly glides thru chicken and cuts everything upto beef bones-try your asian or chinese markets

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    I use kitchen shears made by Chicago Cutlery

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    I use this on live chickens I buy from my neighbors farm.

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