What to get my boyfriend for christmas?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 10 months, he's 16 and i'm 15. I want to get him like 4-5 different things for Christmas, preferably under $100 all together. He played football for our school and he's a wrestler, but hes not crazy about sports or anything. He's really into working out. He's not really into any bands or anything, he plays xbox a lot though. Mostly just Madden 13 and Black Ops 2 right now. He can't drive yet. Please give me some suggestions :)

P.S i don't really wanna give him anything too lovey-dovey, i've given him a scrapbook, picture frames, etc :)


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  • 8 years ago
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    ok here are some of myyy ideas:

    an xbox controller (maybe in his favorite color)

    his favorite candy

    a couple t shirts from a store he likes

    if he wears like nikes to school buy him some new ones that are a similar syle (just to be safe in case he doesn't like them) you can find some cheap ones on sale at footlocker under &70

    itunes giftcard

    new earbuds

    a poster of his favorite athlete or team

    work out clothes (shorts t shirts socks gloves if he lifts)

    a winter hat/beanie

    pshhh i think that's all i got for now, good luck :)

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