Wheres the proof !?!?!?!?

Yes i noe jenni rivera died im very sad but wheres the proof i know that her plane crashed but wheres the body ? The human remains ? All they did was cut to the point and assume she was dead the didnt even find the body ?

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    Sometimes the remains are not found for years. Sometimes the human remains are carried off and eaten by animals. They may never find the body

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  • 8 years ago

    Give them a chance. You need to realize that there are many areas of the earth that are kind of hard to get to. Not every place is populated. That sometimes a smaller plane can go down in a remote area and it can take a while to locate the wreckage and retrieve the survivors or the dead.

    Around 5 years ago a great pilot and inventor named Steve Fossets plane went down in the middle of nowhere, it took over a year to find the wreckage and his body. Now in this case the wreckage has been found so it wont take that long for a official announcement of this ladies death.

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