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Personal girl problem help needed.?

This is embarrassing but I just don't want to talk to my mother about it either. Lately I'm starting to get a fishy smell no matter how much I wash with summers eve. It's really gross but I don't know what's up! I'm sexually active and I had sex this weekend and what I thought was pee would leak out and it smelled fishy. But it wasn't discharge like. If nobody knows anything that can help at home I guess I'll go to the gyno but I just don't want them saying anything to my mom about sex or get some kind of medicine that is only needed if you've had sex. Girls please help & tell me if this has ever happened with you & what you did!

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    Don't wash inside your vagina. Doing that is what causes the bacterial imbalance responsible for these smells in the first place. Your vagina is fully capable of cleaning itself; interfering yourself can only cause problems...

    A woman's natural discharge inhibits the growth of hostile bacteria. By cleaning your discharge away you would be creating an environment in which these bacteria can thrive — a fishy smell signifies a bacterial infection.

    Any irritation will make your body produce extra discharge in an attempt to clear the problem. You shouldn't wash this discharge away (except maybe any that comes to the outside). Doing that is like picking at a scab. It will stop you healing.

    Only wash yourself externally; never internally.

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    appears like you're dealing with a boom spurt. i have heard of girls getting their era at 9 and as late as 16. do not get to my view, i became 11. looking on your age, you would possibly want to favor to confirm a gynocologist to have a glance and confirm you've each little thing so as. don't be too worried about it. Be grateful.

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    Actually, you might have caused imbalance in your microflora by washing too much.

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    It's probably an infection. Get it checked out.

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    All women have their own unique odour. For some, it is just stronger.

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