Cons and Pros of learning Danish?

What would the cons and pros be of learning Danish?

My first language is English and second is German and I've been getting interested in learning Danish lately but was wondering what the good and bad of learning Danish is? I don't exactly live anywhere too near Denmark (Mallorca) but am willing to take holidays over there.

Thank you :D

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  • 8 years ago
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    I cannot think of any cons, learning a new language is always good.

    But... Danish is not terribly useful unless you plan on living in Denmark - and I say this as a Dane. Learning French, Spanish, Mandarin or Russian will certainly be more of an advantage when it comes to communicating with more people and finding a job.

  • 8 years ago

    Pros: you learn a new language, you can speak to any Dane that you come across, you excel even more in the languages you already know, it is similar to German

    Cons: you will have so many more friends, it might be too much to bear :-)

    Source(s): personal experience, I am a trilingual
  • 4 years ago

    first of all, I understand a occupation as translator? i imagine maximum in call for is eastern, because of economic organisation and commerce international family individuals individuals. by technique of how, there are countless competition. the different languages you recommend come from international places with not many inhabitants and under no circumstances many ex colonies. those of the ecu Union would nicely be sensible interior the ecu, yet i do not recognize the position you stay. right here in Spain there are countless Polish and Romanian immigrants, in spite of the indisputable fact that the container of translation is finished coated by technique of community reliable spanishspeakers. Slavic all and sundry is likewise reliable language novices and they study quick the language of their residing international places. perhaps interior the case of Poland or Romania would nicely be a probability as a instructor of english vacationing there. speaking on Finnish, Danish and Dutch, human beings in Finland, Denmark and The Netherlands are virtually bilingual (english) those days and professional translators at the instantaneous are not very required. Portuguese would nicely be a reliable determination, maximum questioning interior the large inhabitants and the commercial progression of Brazil than in Portugal. finally, to study Icelandic would nicely be a romantic determination to understand an etymologically arcaic scandinavian language, yet for decrease than 60.000 human beings interior the international, that still speaks english fluently! wish my opinion facilitates.

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