Does he like me even though I'm older?

To save time, we'll call this guy Wesley, and my ex bf Mikey. So I dated Mikey back in October and we really had something, but we broke up. I was so mad because there was no reason to dump me and Mikey just ended up getting with my friend. So then I met Wesley on Facebook; he's a friend of Mikey's and we've been texting since the break up. Wesley always says things like "wow he's a fag for leaving you..." and "I'm sure your berry lip gloss tastes amazing." And like he's sincere about it. Butttt he's 2 years idk. I'm a junior. He's taller than me though so that's a plus! Anyway, Wesley and I have really been getting friendly and we've met in school finally. He's always with me and laughs at all my stupid jokes. He puts his arm around me when we're walking and lets me sit on his lap. Please don't say THATS SO OBVIOUS because I'm confused.

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    I think he really likes you, and he's trying to make you feel better by telling you all that stuff about "Mikey". I think you should just ask him about it; if he likes you. Age doesn't really matter, I mean if you guys like each other and wanna be together; ignore the fact that you're 2 years older. And he's giving you hints like about your lip gloss, and always wanting to be close to you! I hope this helps and good luck!!!! :)

  • 8 years ago

    Are you guys in high school? It's a little weird when you're in high school but not too bad. Once you get out of high school people could really care less. The only thing I'd worry about is whether or not he is mature enough. If he is then I'd say go for it.

  • 8 years ago

    He's trying to be your rebound. Probably was told everything about you from Mikey and is trying to get in.

    Source(s): Its a dick move but it works.
  • 8 years ago

    Hee likes you even though you are older. In fact , that is probably more of a reason to like you. A lot of guys like older girls :P why? I don't know...but they do. Most guys don't like younger girls though.


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