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Suggestions on how I can get my hair to grow longer and healthier?

I have dry thick hair, it used to be curly but now just the roots are curly and the ends are wavy/straight. My hair right now touches where my boobs are but I want it longer. I don't dye it but I do straighten it twice a week and apply heat if it's necessary throughout the week, I wrap it at night most of the time but my ends are breaking off and even though it doesn't look that damaged when it's straightened it really is. I basically just want my long curly hair back but I don't want to cut my hair short or anything. Any suggestions?

By the way I just started taking hair, skin and nail pills today. How long do you think it'll take for results and does it really work?

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    I had hair that would be brittle and fall out. Try ganerie fruitsius length and strength samphoo. It made my hair grow stronger, thicker, and longer! Any product that says it'll make your hair grow is phony (I've tried a lot of them and didn't work)! This is an all natural shampoo to help the scaple and roots of hair. Also don't use pante-to v (made my hair fall out)!!!

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    Around 3 months is enough to start seeing improvement. Eat enough fruits and vegetables and drink enough water a day to keep your hair looking good. For home remedies, use a hair mask once a week with olive oil or banana or avocado. Even eggs or mayo make good hair masks. You leave them on for 1hr and then wash your hair normally. The best oil for hair is argan oil because it has more benefits than olive and coconut oil combined and it's not greasy at all. Look for a site called beyas and go to their hair care section, there's this brand called Pro naturals which has all these argan oil products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and the oil which you can use after a shower. They're awesome for preventing split ends and making hair grow out smooth, soft and silky.

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    So you wish lengthy lovely tresses... the important thing (except taking nutrition E) is utilising a well shampoo and conditioner. Don't use plenty of goods to weigh your hair down in which it are not able to breathe. Change your shampoo and conditioner each three months. DO NOT PUT plenty of warmth for your hair (curling irons and so on). Blow dry your hair on medium warmth or no warmth. Don't use rubber bands to tug you hair again (use the ones plastic bands in case you surely have got to). I do not know if this may make your hair develop quicker however it'll make it healthful very swiftly.

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