What would be the name of this condition?

I have always consistently had this issue where I find that no matter how much time I have to complete something, I become stressed and feel pressured that I won't be able to finish that task in time or to my best. This is different to procrastinating and an example would be that it's the first day of a thirteen week uni semester and I haven't revised everything that we learnt that day and it gets to the second day and I already feel like I have failed the semester even though it has only been one day. I'm one of those people who plan and start my assignments weeks before it is due and makes sure I have it done days or even a week before it is due so that I don't have that pressure. For some reason say if I was to know I was going out somewhere at 6pm and didn't have to get ready until 5pm, I would plan to do nothing during the day. I would just wait out the hours doing something of no purpose. Even if it was something as simple as my partner gets home from work at 6pm, I would not go anywhere for the whole day. This is different to being excited about going out somewhere and wanting to prepare and relax before I have a big night etc. This is more that I can't seem to get anything productive done in all the time that I have. I seem to have hours and hours of time which could be spent doing things I need to do with myself. And thats not to say that I don't plan and I'm not organised or that I procrastinate because thats not the case. Sometimes I feel like I have this such strong anxiety that I can't carry out tasks. I'm not even sure if it's anxiety or not. But I am fully capable and highly intelligent and I know I have a great amount of potential, I'm just unsure as to why I'm not able to present that to myself or other people. I'm not sure what's holding me back or why I feel limited. I have all the resources I need to live a fulfilling and meaningful life as well as to achieve what I'm wanting to achieve. I'm not sure what's getting in the way of me living to the fullest and the best that I can. I have had this 'thing' for basically as long as I can remember and am convinced it is part of a psychological condition. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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  • 8 years ago
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    looking at the length of emotional ourburst here i would say you have a overloaded conciousness.

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