My SPORE wont work, How do i fix it .?

Ok, so I got spore on steam a month ago. It started it up fine the first time. so after a few nights of playing I knocked the battery out of my laptop while spore was saving . Now when i start spore the screen goes black for a bit for (like its going to start) and then it goes back to the desk top and says "there is a problem with spore. windows is looking for a solution ."...

I have re-installed it twice , turned off my computer and even restored my computer to a previous backup . nothing helps . can some one help me ?

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    8 years ago
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    Killing you PC during a save may have corrupted your data, and some games dont like that very much.

    Try wiping your save data. You may have uninstalled it, but your save data might still be intact.

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